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Learn more about Louise - Your Retreat facilitator

Posted by Louise walker on

Learn more about your Retreat Facilitator Louise Walker 

Developmental coach, Master NLP Practitioner, Yoga and Meditation teacher, Reiki healer, Event dream weaver

I am passionate about creating unforgettable retreat experiences that will touch you deeply, hold you and heal you and transform your life – if you are ready to let them.

I am committed to creating a safe, healing, fun and empowering space at the Retreat Immersions I create, so you feel welcome and relaxed from the minute you arrive, to when you leave.

My background was working in the Events and Marketing world employed by
 companies such as Google, before hearing my calling to create more meaning in my life, and to devote my life to work with people like yourself, to help you find and connect to, your higher purpose.

Equipped from my corporate years with marketing and event skills, and having spent years dreaming up experiential campaigns for big brands around the world, I realised I could transfer these skills easefully and joyfully into my spiritual work
 and weave this magic into creating memorable retreat experiences that change lives – now THIS gets me really excited and is why I Love creating and facilitating these immersion retreats. 

Every aspect of the retreat experience I have carefully thought out and planned meticulously so that your retreat journey contains a golden thread that carries you through from start to finish. As well as the retreat program, this planning includes the menu. The Food you consume on a retreat is a VITAL part of your healing experience, so our fabulous in house chef sits with me to look at the menu and plan the food around each day's activities. I always receive rave reviews on the food that is served on these retreats. 

The group coaching sessions we experience together on retreat are a space of true transformation, where you will shed layers and learn insights about yourself and take away tools to create lasting change in your life.  These safe, fun, sometimes challenging sessions allow you to truly see yourself and your blocks and your absolute potential, in ways you have never experienced before.

Experiencing the yoga and meditation sessions in the gorgeous setting of Kodama retreat is magical. The sessions are designed to help you relax, learn, heal, strengthen and grow spiritually. I teach flowing hatha vinyasa yoga, as well as nurturing yin yoga.  I use plenty of hands on assists, beautiful music, scents and profound texts to create a memorable sensory experience for you. I also LOVE 
to weave my reiki and coaching wisdom into the classes – I have been told by some my classes are “better than therapy”.


I can’t wait to meet you, welcome you, get to know you, sink onto the mat with you, serve you, look after you, connect with you, grow with you and learn with you on this retreat journey. I firmly believe we are all always learning and every person who crosses your path can teach you something.


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