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Past Guests share their 'Living from Love' Retreat Experiences

Posted by Louise walker on

I find that the best way to work out if a Retreat experience is for you or not, is often to listen to what others have got out of it, to see if there is a fit for you.

2017 Retreat Guests share: 

“The most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat are to open up and live more from LOVE, and to be my own cheerleader. I’m also taking away with me the gem HOW important it is to live from ‘self love’ rather than focusing on ‘being loved’. I loved the variety of the weekend schedule and all of the content and the food was so great.”

Chrissy Davies – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a truly special and life changing experience. I learnt that I can BE Love and BE LOVED, and how living from Love will attract a life of Love. I understand that I deserve Love just the way I am.
I also believe now that I am on the right path, and my journey continues now stronger than before. The weekend was a constant stream of memorable moments, and I especially loved the sound healing and the closing ceremony.”

Britta Hansen – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“I needed to know how to connect with my heart and Love myself, and I have been given the tools to do that this weekend.  The ‘Living from Love’ retreat was a weekend full of love and guidance. I really loved Louise’s giving and intuitive guidance during the workshops – I’ll l take away how to Love myself and view myself as others do.” 

Rachelle Trotman – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“What I learnt over the weekend is that “I am Love(d)” that Like minded people CAN move mountains and also that taking time out is an important part of the healing and ascension process. My aim for coming on this retreat was to 1) gain recuperation and 2) to feel relaxation and 3) to feel clarity and hope moving forward on my path. Tick Tick Tick! All achieved!”

Michelle Pietroboni – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat


“I felt so connected to Life, People and The Universe after the “Living from Love” retreat. I am now clear on how important it is to do ‘self work’. I’ve realised that being open in my heart not thinking in my head will create ultimate happiness. I also now know that there is more Love in myself and others, when nurtured in the right environment.
Overall the weekend was a great investment in ME, and you can’t put a price on that!”

Ruth McDonald  Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“I took away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat, some incredible but also practical and simple tools, to apply to my life, as well as knowledge about how to open my heart and live from Love.
Louise’s amazing energy and knowledge guided us through the weekend’s workshops and classes. I particularly loved the fire pit ceremony as it was a perfect night and a great way to start the release and connect the group. All the food over the weekend was delicious and clearly made with love by our expert Chef Tristan. The team left no stone unturned, and thought of everything.”

Louise Denton – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“One of the most important things I will take away from the ‘Living from Love’ retreat is falling madly in love with myself. I loved the yoga and meditation classes and the sound healing session. I really enjoyed all the coaching workshops which contained excellent content delivered perfectly. The retreat format allowed for open sharing, humility, love and new friendships.”

Daniella Mancuso – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2017 Retreat

“The ‘Living from Love’ weekend, literally changed my outlook on Life! The retreat exceeded my expectations in all areas and I have some golden nuggets to take away. . .
After attending the “Living from Love’ retreat, I now know that I am LOVEABLE, that I am not alone in this, everyone struggles with self love. . . I also had a huge breakthrough on ‘Self Love’ in one of the workshops, which has stayed with me.
Be brave and come alone . . as the strangers you meet on retreat are so often the most unexpected delight!”

Sarah Kooyman – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love' 2017 Retreat 

2018 Retreat Guests share: 

Testimonials – Living from Love Nov 2018


“I found the Living from Love retreat confronting but definitely worth it. I learnt how living from Love or Fear is MY choice. I now realise Fear is a story I’m telling myself and that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. I understand how my Fear story triggers anxiety for me. It was really powerful saying my fears out loud in one of the coaching workshops, and watching my Fears shrink.”

Joanne Scarr – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat


“This retreat was life changing for me and also so relaxing as I needed time out. I now have awareness of the heart and how to open my heart instead of choosing fear, which is really useful in life situations . Setting my intentions for the retreat as so powerful, as I really noticed my resistance. Louise’s yoga classes were inspirational and the meditations were beautifully guided. “ 

Jacqui Arnold – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat 

“My retreat experience was personable, nurturing, educational and fun. I now feel reconnected to myself and have released some stress and worry. The weekend helped understand my fears and see how Fear has been getting in the way of my joy.Its so difficult to find time away from the business of life so the guidance this weekend was well needed. I also uncovered a block in my works life which has now been shifted. Thank you it was truly fantastic!”  

Mandy Millan – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat 


“The Living from Love retreat gifted me with self awareness of false beliefs which helped me eliminate ‘stories’ from my life which so not serve me. I would describe the weekend as a kind, gentle self-exploration, getting to know YOU and see yourself through the eyes of Love. I’m leaving the retreat with an appreciation of the Moment of Now.” 

Carolyn Logan – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat 

“I now have clarity on how to face my work challenges with Love and honesty to Love my shadows. This has dissolved my anxiety and fears and given me acceptance for who I am, and who I am Being. The retreat experience was practical, gentle and well balanced.” 

Flor Jacovella,  – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat 

“I’m now able to bring love into situations that create anxiety and fear. This allows me to feel free, light and clearer. I’m also now allowing myself to be vulnerable and raw, which means I can live more authentically, from a Deeper I.  The weekend was confronting and challenging, leading to emotional growth and repair of self.” 

Faye Cannon – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat 

“I now have skills to check when I’m Living from or reacting from Fear. This is really helpful so I’m not living with anxiety and causing stress in my life. I found this retreat helped me understand where and when I’m living my life from Fear or Love. The meditations were powerful and healing and the the yoga classes were heartfelt with clear intentions.”

Jen Merritt – Retreat participant from ‘Living from Love’ 2018 Retreat 

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