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Six Tips for setting powerful new year intentions

Posted by Louise walker on

The turn of a new year is a potent day energetically to get clear, intentional and powerful for 2023.

BEFORE you set your new year intentions, here’s some SIX TIPS: 

 First . . . ask yourself this powerful question:

1) “What is my intention for creating intentions for 2023?”

Be clear with yourself about WHY living intentionality is so important for you.

For example:

I’m setting intentions as I want to commit to my growth and open myself to new insights next year”.

Or “I’m choosing to set intentions as I’m clear I don’t want to re-experience some of the tougher lessons this year”.

Get clear on your WHY before your WHAT.

2) Pause to self-reflect

Where have you held yourself back this year?

Consider where and how you procrastinate and self-sabotage. Get lovingly clear on these areas, then see how you can “FLIP” them around to create meaningful intentions for this year.

For example:

“I’ve been procrastinating and watching Netflix rather than learning new skills by enrolling for that course in meditation”.

FLIP to an intention like: “Commitment to my growth: I choose to invest x no of hour of my spare time, per week into personal growth activities”.

3) Check your level of commitment

Have you fully decided that you are READY to make these changes?

Are you ready to exercise the power of your “will” to apply to your chosen intentions?

Connect with your powerful “FUCK YES” energy around your chosen intentions. Apply, repeat, apply, repeat.

4) Hold yourself accountable to your greatness!

How powerful would it be to monitor your progress with your intentions?

How do you make sure that your new year intentions don’t fall aside and a get lost in your journal?

Tip: Agree with yourself to add a “check in” date into your calendar each month. This works as a reminder to assess how you’re going with your new year intentions.

5) Future project and visualise

Tune in to how you’d like your life to look in one year’s time? Get clear, dream big . . . . sit with this visualisation, write it down, drop into it. The key then is to “work backwards” and ask yourself this powerful question:

“If I want my life to look like that in one year’s time, what do I need to focus my intentionality on NOW to propel me forward to get there?”

Craft your intentions around what you discover in this process.

Remember to let go of the “how” and focus on the “what”.

6) Keep it simple

Choose a maximum of 2 or 3 intentions

This will support you to be crystal clear and potent in actually applying them to your life next year. Setting too many intentions can take you off your path of intentionality.

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