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Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation
Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation

Bespoke Workshop Creation and Delivery - Half Day Facilitation


Working with me as your Workshop Facilitator

One of my specialities is working with groups to help them transform their mindset or to reduce their stress levels and increase productivity.

I strongly believe it is essential to "Listen and Ask First" - to make sure that the workshop provided is exactly what your people need. I create and facilitate bespoke workshops, tailored to your specific needs 

  • Book me to create and facilitate a powerful experiential workshop for your group to create lasting change and shift in mindsets of attendees. 
  • The way I work is we will have an initial consult where a brief is agreed
  • I will then create a proposal for you to meet your key objectives and for you to sign off on. 
  • If required, we may also run a survey for all your workshop attendees prior to the session, to make sure the content presented is tailored to their current needs (this additional research step is for an extra fee). 

Previous clients share their experience of Workshop Creation and Delivery: 

"Earlier this year Louise joined me as a keynote speaker at a 2 Day Conference Retreat for my Mastermind Program. To say that Louise was a valuable contributor to the success of this event would be an understatement!
I had been working with Louise for a number of months already, so had a good understanding of the depth of her knowledge, the level of her passion and her ability to challenge clients (including me!) to reframe old patterns of thinking that might not be serving us well. However, I hadn’t experienced the magnetic energy that Louise brings to a room when she is hosting a workshop. She had my group of 15 high level business operators completely transfixed on her every word.
Louise came incredibly well prepared, with valuable content, engaging exercises and a calm and nurturing energy. Rarely have I come across facilitators who are able to hold the energy of a room so lovingly and powerfully. We were fortunate to have Louise stay with us for the entire 3-day program, and her contribution went far beyond the scope of her services that were required on a speaking level. All of the delegates thoroughly
enjoyed their interactions with Louise, and she developed a deep connection with the group in a very short period of time.
Following the Conference, I sought feedback from all of the delegates, and the compliments about Louise and her workshop were effusive and highly positive.
I would definitely recommend Louise to any business groups looking to provide their teams or delegates with a transformational experience that will add huge value and deepen connections". Andrew Mitchell, Founding Director, The Design Coach Australia

“Public relations is a fast paced, high stress environment so we engaged Louise Walker to help our team better recognize stress triggers and how to manage them. We also wanted to identify practical advice and ideas to support improving the overall wellbeing for employees – ones that we could lead as an agency, and ones that each individual could take upon themselves to implement.

 We covered a lot of information throughout the morning; delivered in concise chunks that were easy to absorb with ample time to demonstrate the wellness techniques. The structure was clear, logical and effective and it was obvious that Louise put a lot of thought and expertise into designing our bespoke workshop. She was calm, direct, open and warm, truly creating a safe space for employees to share their thoughts and opinions. 

Our team are already implementing the techniques we learnt from stopping to do the re-invigoration exercises, to reframing the way we approach stressful situations – we are now more aware of our behaviours, and committed to making small changes every day to improve our wellbeing.  I can’t wait to see how this translates to greater productivity and a better experience for our clients.

I can’t speak highly enough of this course and recommend if for businesses that operate in high-stress environments.”Gemma Hudson, General Manager, WeBucahn PR agency

"We were very fortunate to have met Louise through a mutual friend and very early on we realised that she would be a perfect fit for our Mastermind group. Our participants concentrate on moving forward holistically in their life with focus on Wealth, Health, Opportunity, Love and Evolution. 

Louise was asked to do a session with the group and she was very detailed before the event to ensure that she understood the key points that needed to be addressed and that she did it in the way that she ultimately delivers a compelling and strong message with her soul. 

 She delivered perfectly and all the participants left with a feeling of knowing their path and how they would move forward. All the participants feedback was amazing and I personally as a full time speaker saw how engaging and impactful she was. I highly recommend Louise for large groups, to corporate teams all the way to small groups and individuals wanting to grow spiritually".Ian Ugarte and Christine Manning, Small is the New Big