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NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024 NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024 NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024
NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024 NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024 NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024

NEW YEAR WORKSHOP: Find your focus and centre for 2024


New Year Workshop:
Find your focus and centre for 2024
Mon Jan 22nd 6-8pm (SYD time)

Online via zoom 

As another year completes I’m curious how are you choosing to end this cycle?

Are you choosing to move with wisdom and gratitude from your experiences this year?

Have you created time to honour what this year brought up for you?

Would you like to carve out space to sit with what you want to release from 2023?

Is it important for you to vision into the next upgrade of your reality?

Would you love to set time aside to be with what wants to move through you in 2024?

And sit in sacred space to reflect on how you would like to think, feel, act and speak differently moving forward? 

Inviting you to a powerful New Year workshop to support you with all of this:
Find your Focus and Centre for 2024

This two hour workshop is designed to gift you a potent space to be with all of this and carve a different way forward for 2024.

Workshop inclusions:

• Meditation and breathwork – to calm your nervous system, clear your mind, bring you into your centre, and invite clarity and spaciousness
• Journaling and space to be with thought provoking questions - designed to give you new perspectives and insights on what has been and where you’re heading next.
• Movement and music – to inspire you to shift into freedom and expansion, whilst clearing old stuck energy blocks from last year.
• Group facilitation and holding – a loving powerful, potent co-created space of sharing, inclusion and reflection.

2024 visioning magic

Timings: Mon Jan 22nd 6-8pm (SYD time) 
Investment: $20 including a workbook emailed to you prior 
Please book to register your space - spaces are limited. 

Remember to include your email in your booking so you can receive zoom link and workbook. 

In full support of you, 

Louise x 

Louise Walker Bio:

Developmental Coach, facilitator, speaker, yoga & meditation guide 

Louise is a Developmental coach, providing compassionately challenging and intentionally disruptive coaching - designed to empower her clients to bring awareness to how they're getting in their own way. Her coaching awakens her clients to new perspectives which allows them to identify what's been holding them back from living their truth, purpose and full potential.

Trained in The Enneagram, Louise incorporates this powerful ancient wisdom tool into her coaching programs, allowing her clients to recognise their personality structure and free themselves from its limitations. Her portfolio of clients include entrepreneurs and senior level executives across Australia, UK, NZ, USA, Mauritius and Fiji.  Louise contracts as a Developmental, Executive and Leadership Coach for The Design Coach, New Beginnings, BOMI Health and Holistic Rehabilitation. 

Previously Louise has worked as the in-house coach at Five  Star Health Retreat 'The Golden Door' (now Elysia Wellness Retreat). Read more here about Louise's approach to coaching. 

Louise is also an experienced yoga and meditation teacher, specialising in running unique Enneagram retreats across Australia's NSW and overseas. She's passionate about creating unforgettable retreat experiences involving coaching, yoga and meditation that profoundly shift and transform guests.  

"Coaching with Louise brought new levels of confidence and self belief. Learning about my different thinking patterns gave me an interesting insight into how I’m programmed and why I think they way I do, and how to change these thoughts when they are not serving me. I just want to say to anyone that is reading this, and feels stuck in life or is needing a shift of some sort, I would highly recommend Louise she supported me to unlock my true potential." Damian Keight