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"I Am Ready" - Two Month Coaching Program
"I Am Ready" - Two Month Coaching Program

"I Am Ready" - Two Month Coaching Program


Are you ready to embrace change and discover the wonder and magic of taking charge of your life? Do you want to unleash your potential and discover what you are truly capable of? Are you excited about what is possible for you? If so I want to hear from you.

 "I Am Ready" - Coaching Package 

  • Two months of coaching support
  • Includes four x 60 minute LIVE personal one on one coaching sessions
  • Includes email coaching support in between sessions to help you delve deeper and examine how you have gone with your tasks
  • Each session we co-create tasks & practises for you, so you continue to grow and evolve and put the coaching learnings into practise in between live sessions 
  • We agree an email ‘check in’ date on your tasks, which holds you accountable to your growth and commitment to your coaching program 
  • Sessions to be run bi-weekly over 2 month immersion period with bi-weekly check in support
  • Program also includes an Enneagram Personality Profiling test - results are discussed with you and the exploration of your personality type and growth within your type forms part of your Coaching 

"I can’t believe the transformation that has taken place for me in such short space of time. When I began the Coaching program I was feeling trapped in my work situation and relying on old habits that were not serving me well.  The sessions quickly enabled me to change my mindset. With a much more positive and reflective mindset I am now feeling empowered and in control of the direction of my life.  I am feeling less stressed and creating possibilities instead of feeling trapped. I learnt how my choices and decisions and mindset are powerful. I am the one who chooses the direction of my life. I also learnt that my spiritual side is an essential part of my life that re-energises me and assists me to stay on track. So a big thank you to you for your wonderful Coaching program and support". Jeniene Green 

An insight into coaching with me…

  • Working with me as your Developmental Meta NLP Coach, you will be empowered to transform your life.
  • Together we will lovingly identify what is holding you back from living to your fullest potential right now.
  • Coaching with me will facilitate you to access courage you didn’t know you had and tap into your innate inner wisdom.
  • Coaching is the art of facilitation,which takes place through a ruthlessly compassionate coaching conversation which we will share together.

“I really can’t say enough great things about my experience of Louise as my coach. Even though we were halfway across the world from each other, it was like we were in the same room. She is an incredibly intuitive, warm, perceptive, wise beyond her years coach and she gave me the strength to make the decisions in my life that I needed to make.

She helped me with my spiritual awakening and growth. There were so many areas of my life that Louise helped me with and each time we spoke we addressed a new unique challenge and I left the sessions feeling energised and ready to implement what we had discussed. I would recommend Louise to anyone who is looking for a really brilliant life coach, someone who can help them take their life wherever they want it to go.” Susan Shoer, USA

Understanding what Developmental Coaching is…

The Powerful Developmental Coaching system I have been trained in is an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) based coaching system, that allows you to redefine your thought processes, to achieve outstanding results.

  • It involves working with the Neuro Linguistic Programming Model (NLP) to understand how we run our brains
  • Working with me as your Developmental coach, together we will uncover your blind spots and self sabotage patterns, allowing you to identify what’s holding you back and unnecessarily consuming your precious time, energy and focus.
  • Once you have awareness of these, the coaching work allows you to substitute your old thought and behavioural processes with more empowering choices for yourself.

“Louise Walker is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenged me to realise my full potential in all areas of life. Louise worked with me to set career and personal goals that were at the cutting edge of my fears and has helped me enormously to have the courage to achieve these goals. Louise has supported me and inspired self-belief within, to help me actually achieve these.

When I first came to Louise I was finding it hard to believe in myself and was playing out old habitual destructive patterns that were affecting my day to day life – both work and personal. Louise helped me challenge these beliefs and habits step by step.  Louise is trustworthy and makes you feel like you are with a friend within minutes. She instantly helped me find qualities in my life that I wasn’t seeing and empowered me to solve problems. My confidence and my anxiety has calmed immensely since seeing Louise and big changes have happened which a lot of this I put down to my coaching work with Louise. I would highly recommend her.” Nicola Halpin

What will I experience during a coaching program?

  • You will be coached to fully recognise your potential, and the factors that may be inhibiting this
  • You will experience specialised NLP techniques to shift your internal world
  • Each session will gift you with insights about yourself and your ways of being and thinking that is creating your current reality
  • ‘Seeing’ these and becoming objective to these rather than subjective to them will change your life – if you are ready
  • Coaching identifies and mobilizes your inner and outer resources to develop your potential for achieving your dreams
  • A coaching program with myself will awaken, challenge and stretch you to unleash your absolute potential

”After completing a coaching program with Louise, the biggest change I noticed in myself was to finally understand that it is possible for me to be happy by myself and in my own company.  I also realised that it is possible to love everyone unconditionally. The coaching program with Louise has allowed me to feel so much more confident and to trust in myself more. I respect and love myself more. I am good to my body and gentle with my thoughts and am kind to myself every day.  During the coaching program I learnt that I wasn’t taking responsibility for what was happening to me and I was blaming others for it especially my family and childhood. I realised that I have a choice to grow some balls and take responsibility for my life and create the life that I would like to live ASAP.

During the coaching program, I experienced results very quickly and that made me want to work on myself even more. I feel like I found myself again in life and I know myself more and that I really deserve the best in life. I enjoyed working with Louise and her calm nature, I felt supported all the way. I also think that the fact that I went to one of Louise's retreats at a similar time when the program was heading to an end, really emphasized my experience and the results. I was worrying that at the end of the program I won’t be ready to continue on my journey and that I will need additional support but the truth is that the experience and changes are so powerful that it keeps growing within me more and more rather then less". Kasia Brzezicka

Getting results from coaching with me ..

As part of your coaching program, we set and agree on specific outcomes to work on. We will regularly check in on your progress on these throughout the course of your program. The set outcomes are completely personal and unique to you and may focus around:

  • Managing stress, overwhelm and anxiety 
  • Transforming relationships – with yourself and others
  • Empowering yourself with positive beliefs, overcoming self doubt and limitations
  • Improving self confidence
  • Personal fulfilment
  • Career progression
  • Time management
  • Negative self chatter/ internal 'noise' and saboteur 

"As a coach, Louise is very intuitive and such a fantastic listener. I felt nurtured and encouraged the entire program. Louise shows up to each session 150% committed. I found the support in between the sessions to be excellent. Louise follows up and sets tasks each week. We were connected during the entire coaching program. Sending you massive THANKS Louise, it has been such a pleasure to have you by my side, coaching, nurturing and encouraging my journey. I’m so pleased our paths crossed, meeting you allowed me to step forward with courage into the life I am destined for and I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU to you.” Brooke Duncan