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Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm
Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm

Healing Yin Yoga Chakra Journey - Tues June 23rd 6-7.30pm


 "I really loved the bliss of the yin stretches, the wonderful grounding essential oils  and Louise your reassuring words throughout the whole evening carried me into a perfect space for catching up with me. I simply floated home and had the best and deepest nights sleep. You created the most supportive, comfortable and safe space and I really can’t imagine how you could improve on the experience, it was truly, blissfully healing." Wendy Ballard 

Treat yourself to this deeply healing and sacred Yin Yoga Chakra journey.

This will be the first face to face yin yoga session to be held at Kodama Retreat since our lockdown. Class size will be small due to Co-vid restrictions. The space will be warm and welcoming. 

Your 90 min healing journey will include nurturing Yin yoga, meditation, affirmations and specially selected essential oils for each chakra. 

We will be feeling into each of our seven chakras and releasing stuck prana (energy) that may be holding us back in life. In this yin yoga journey we'll explore different yin yoga postures that can release stale or stuck prana from these seven different energy centres within the body, as well as allowing you to invite fresh, vital energy back in through specific shapes, affirmations and breath techniques.

You may or may not know that you have seven main energy centres in your body called chakras. Think of these as energy centres in your body, soul, and mind.

Chakras function as transformers, taking the energy from the environment and your own thoughts and emotions, and then move it into and around your body. 

Here is the journey you will experience with me as your guide: 

1st Base chakra

Tapping into your tribal power of survival and connection to the Earth

Location – bottom of the spine

Chakra related to survival, trust, grounding, belonging,

Colour – RED

2nd Sacral chakra

Exploring the power of relationships in your life

Location – lower abdomen, underneath your belly button

Chakra related to sexuality, creativity, relationships

Colour – ORANGE

3rd Solar Plexus chakra

Delving into your inner personal power

Location – over your belly button

Chakra related to power, identity, respect, prosperity

Colour – YELLOW

4th Heart chakra

Feeling into your emotional power

Location heart centre

Chakra related to unconditional love, compassion, empathy, courage, bonding

Colour – Emerald Green

5th Throat chakra

Connecting with your power of will

Location – throat

Chakra related to communication, integrity, creativity, ability to speak your truth

Colour – blue

6th Third Eye chakra

Unlocking the power of your mind

Chakra related to intuition, wisdom, memory

Colour – purple

7th Crown chakra

Tuning into your Spiritual connector

Chakra related to connection with the divine, will, thought free knowing.

Colour – white or amethyst.

Sessions will be led by myself, Louise Walker . . you will be guided by my soothing voice, and gentle nurturing energy.

"As an older women I have enjoyed yoga with Louise she is a beautiful soul and her gentle caring and understanding approach to guiding you thorough each yoga class has been a life changing experience. I will always do it, we need more people in the world like you Louise,I would highly recommend your yoga classes for any age." Margaret McCann

You will find my yoga teaching style is compassionately gentle, slow and full of pointed instruction to guide you safely through every posture. At the end of these sessions you will feel more relaxed and calm and ready to go to sleep or refreshed and ready to face a new day.

This session will be held at Kodama Retreat, Holgate in our studio nestled deep in nature and surrounded 360 degrees by healing power of magnificent trees.

"I recently attended a few online yoga classes taught live by Louise. The Yin and Yoga Nidra Class yesterday was especially calming and what I needed before I start the week again. Thanks for providing an alternative option during this tricky time! Yoga is one of the things I want to keep practising, even more so to help myself stay strong and centred. Definitely check out Louise's meditations and classes if you are needing something nourishing."  Huibing Goh

***Please note that spaces are limited  as I'm taking a much smaller class right now due to Co-vid restrictions, so bookings via my website for this class are essential.

On booking you will shortly receive an email back from me with directions to Kodama and further info. 

I hope you can join me - this will be super special! 

With Love Louise xx


What is Yin yoga?
• Yin yoga is an intensely healing and gentle practise that works on a physical, energetic, emotional and mental level.
• Yin Yoga is a gentle practice targets the deep connective tissues, fascia, tendons, ligaments, bones, blood and even the joint sites of the body
• Yin postures are held for three to five minutes to effectively activate the meridian lines (energetic pathways).
• Time spent in the poses is meditative so the practise presents a humble but powerful opportunity to allow us to get to know parts of ourselves (physical and subtle body) that we haven’t connected to before.
• Yin is unique as we hold the poses with our muscles relaxed, creating a gentle stretch - just enough to stimulate a healing response in the body and encouraging cell regeneration and assisting the health and wellbeing of certain within the body
• Yin yoga removes blockages in our pranic body and also allows us to gain increased flexibility, as we take our bodies to the edge of our natural range of movement
• A yin yoga practise gently but firmly invites us to stop and to be at ease with stillness - inside and out.

TESTIMONIALS - from my beautiful yoga clients: 

"I attended the Yin Yang Fusion class today. Thank you Louise. You make every session beautiful. You have a gift that I cannot explain. I love love love the personal touches. Just wish they were longer. I so look forward to the next one." Denise Ellison

"The beginner yoga course at Kodama was amazing with clear directions and a great insight into what yoga is. The yoga relieved my anxiety and stress and created a feeling of wholeness. The focus on breath helped balance my mind, body and soul. Thank you." Penny PattersonKnox

"I had the pleasure of attending a beginner Yoga course with Louise. It was very informative, the venue was bursting with positive energy and the beginners instruction was very well put together. I will be going back for more." Viv Bowyer

“I am not new to yoga but what I really like about Louise’s style is that she takes the consideration to make sure you are in each pose correctly. It’s surprising how even minor adjustments can make such a difference. Her gentle manner & patience makes her the perfect teacher for beginners & her skill & technique will benefit everyone from beginners to committed yogi’s." Marlene Headington