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Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays
Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays

Next date TBC Beginner Yoga Course - 5 weeks - 9.30-11am - Tuesdays


Beginner Yoga course at Kodama Retreat, Holgate, NSW 2250 
When: 5 x consecutive Tuesdays 9.30-11am. 
Starting date TBC

Where: Kodama Luxury Treehouse Retreat, Holgate, NSW 2250

“I would describe the beginner yoga course with Louise as a life changing decision for me, a massive change in thinking and learning that happiness comes from within .
I enjoyed the peacefulness of Kodama yoga studio and it’s outlook.
I loved the smaller classes and the individual focus.
I loved Louise’s voice and calming presence, her detailed explanation of everything mind, body and spirit. I loved the no pressure and no judgement from Louise and other class members and I loved the added information before and after each class
But most of all, I loved the massive escape from reality and the realisation that yoga is about your whole being, not just your body shape
People come into your life for a reason and Louise you brought me so much peace at a time when I really needed it. Thank you with all my heart”
Cally Witt - Jan 2020 participant of Beginner yoga course


Are you looking for a slower paced yoga class to allow you to move mindfully and safely through the postures?

Would you love some individual attention to check that your alignment in poses is correct?

Do you want to gain deeper understanding around the practise of yoga so that you can get on the mat with more confidence?

Would you enjoy some more hands on assisting to help guide you deeper into poses or fix your mis-alignments?

If YES . . .then this Beginner yoga course at Kodama with me, may well be a perfect fit for you.

"The beginner yoga course at Kodama was amazing with clear directions and a great insight into what yoga is. The yoga relieved my anxiety and stress and created a feeling of wholeness. The focus on breath helped balance my mind, body and soul. Thank you."

Penny PattersonKnox - Nov 2019 participant of Beginner yoga course

Learning yoga is a truly transformative practice that peels back the layers, removing obstacles, so you can really connect with what is inside you, to your absolute truth.

At Kodama Retreat, you will find my style is compassionately gentle, slow and full of pointed instruction to guide you safely through every posture. I use incense, scented oils and candles so that when you walk through nature and arrive at the stunning Kodama Retreat studio for class, you will feel an instant change in your energy and spirits as you settle down onto your mat.

During the sessions, you will experience my gentle touch, massages with tiger balm & essential oils, yoga philosophy, inspiring quotations and beautiful intentions, so you leave each class feeling as if you have just shared something special and intimate.


Course overview:

Classes are kept small and intimate, meaning you’re guaranteed individual personal attention to really accelerate your learning.

“If it wasn’t for the this beginner yoga course I would still be practicing with incorrect form and posture. The smaller class size really helps to make sure that every student gets a great level of attention during the classes. In our group we had absolute beginners through to slightly more experienced and everyone learnt something in every class.”…
Murray Farquhar, Professional dog trainer – past participant of Beginner yoga course


Every class will have a unique theme and will encompass:

  • Asana (yoga postures)– you will learn a vinyasa style sequence that links breath to movement. Each week we will build more and more asana into your sequence to broaden your knowledge.
  • Pranayama– at the end of class when your mind is clear, still and open we will drop you a little deeper inside. You will learn different techniques to extend and control the breath which purifies your nervous system.  
  • Meditation– the pranayama is preparation for your meditation and allows you to achieve a stressless state in the body and brain which then lets you drop beautifully into meditation. You will be gifted a single and simple meditation technique that you will get familiar with over the six weeks and be encouraged to use at home in your own personal practise. 
  • Yoga philosophy– we will explore at a different area of yoga philosophy each week and set an intention for each class around this.

"I had the pleasure of attending a beginner Yoga course with Louise. It was very informative, the venue was bursting with positive energy and the beginners instruction was very well put together. I will be going back for more."

Viv Bowyer - Nov 2019 participant of Beginner yoga course

“Before the beginners yoga course with Louise, I thought that yoga was a practice concentrating on stretches & poses that improve flexibility & core strength. But, as I have begun to learn over the past five weeks, it is so much more than that. It’s also a journey into changing and resetting one's mindset. A journey inward that one takes in order to come back out again, lighter, stronger & more in control.
As a beginner yogi, i enjoyed the patient explanation & instruction of the poses & (importantly) their meaning & how each pose connects to accessing & opening up awareness of the body & mind that we might not otherwise notice. I feel that this understanding of the practice is important for the long term benefits of yoga. Louise’s caring instruction & gentle imparting of knowledge nurtures a solid grounding to build ones exploration of the practice.
Kodama retreat is also the perfect setting for a yoga practice, & i always felt calm, welcome & at peace whenever i arrived for a session/practice. Another element i enjoyed was reflecting on how i can integrate my practice to aspects of my everyday life; such as in surfing, resetting concentration at work & reducing stress.“
Wayne Allen  - Jan 2020 participant of Beginner yoga course

Over the five weeks, the sessions will be progressive in that we will build slowly on what you learnt in the previous week.

Each week in the course there will be simple at home tasks set for you to complete, this is to ensure you continue your learning and growth outside of the Beginner yoga course.

The course also includes

- Notes provided each week to take home

- You will also receive four yoga videos recorded by Louise to use and follow at home 

- Plus support in between the sessions via an online group which we create to keep everyone motivated and connected throughout the program. 

“I am not new to yoga but what I really like about Louise’s style is that she takes the consideration to make sure you are in each pose correctly. It’s surprising how even minor adjustments can make such a difference. Her gentle manner & patience makes her the perfect teacher for beginners & her skill & technique will benefit everyone from beginners to committed yogi’s. “…
Marlene Headington, Drug & Alcohol Counsellor. St Vincent’s Hospital

You will finish this course with:

  • An understanding of what yoga really is
  • Knowledge on how to do yoga asanas (postures) correctly, and how these feel in your body when practised correctly
  • Understanding of how to breathe properly during yoga, to get the most of out of your practice
  • A simple yoga practice you can do at home for the days you can’t get to class – staring a home practise is a big step forward on your spiritual path 
  • The profound experience of going deeply inward and connecting with your true self  
  • Easy to remember pranayama (breath) techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere to ease stress and ground yourself
  • Simple meditation techniques that you will be able to practise independently at home to deepen your spiritual growth and allow you to face life from a calmer internal perspective


“Thanks so much for an amazing experience on the Beginner yoga course at Kodama Retreat.
I loved how you explained every move, the calm, relaxing atmosphere and how attentive you were to all the students. To beginners I would definitely recommend the beginners course if they are looking for 90 minutes of escapism where they can forget all their stresses and at the same time awaken and energise their body. I am really looking forward to continuing my yoga journey. ”

Joanne Fleetwood Hanger - Jan 2020 participant of Beginner yoga course

Details: 5 sessions, each for 1.5 hours 

Location: Kodama Retreat House, Holgate

Timings: 5 x consecutive Tuesdays - 9.30am - 11am. Starts Tues July 21st to Tues Aug 18th

Investment: $175 per person for 5 week course