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Advanced Meditation Course Advanced Meditation Course Advanced Meditation Course
Advanced Meditation Course Advanced Meditation Course Advanced Meditation Course

Advanced Meditation Course


Meditation Course Level Two ‘Deepening your practise’

“This Meditation course is a delicious smorgasbord of meditation techniques and tools.…

This course is suitable for those who have completed the Beginner’s meditation course and want to deepen their practise, OR for those who already have some exposure to meditation and would like to explore further and enjoy learning some new techniques.

The content shared on this level two course is designed to open your mind and your

heart, as you delve further into your own beautiful inner world via some fascinating new

meditation techniques. The purpose of this course ‘Deepening your practise?’ is to open

you to what else is possible, to your own innate gifts as a human being and to gift you

with a variety of meditation techniques to add to your collection.


Classes are kept small and intimate to ensure each person receives individual attention.

Each week we will delve into new techniques and topics to explore together.

Each lesson will consist of teaching, actual meditations, sharing & Q&A.

You will receive a supporting email every week containing notes from class, recordings, quotes, inspiration and guidance for your deepening journey into meditation.

Week 1: Exploring the rainbow of human energy centres

To begin the course you will learn about your human energy centres, the 7 major chakra points we have within our bodies. You will experience 2 profound meditations that work through your chakra system, gifting you with inspiring, healing effects. These deep meditations, as well as your newly acquired knowledge about your energy centres may mean you never experience yourself in the same way again, as you grow in your understanding of self.

Week 2: Experiencing the Miracle of Mantra

Mantra meditation is a wonderfully effective and effortless technique which you will find allows your mind to quieten and become completely absorbed in. Once learnt, this technique can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. Mantra meditation will journey you deep within to a place of profound tranquility.

Week 3: Transforming your world with Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the art of becoming deeply aware of the present moment, fully experiencing what happens in the here and now. Here we explore the meaning of mindfulness and its place in today’s world. You will experience new ways to approach everyday life, creating peace and calm for yourself within your daily routine.

Week 4: Looking In, Looking Out, and finding stillness all about

In this final session you will have the chance to get creative and colourful as we explore the surprising effect of ‘outer focused’ meditation (yes with your eyes open!) You will also experience ‘inner focus’ meditation as we tap into the ‘seat of your mind’ and you learn about the pineal and pituitary glands in your brain.

Week 5: Dropping into exquisite Sounds

A great session for lovers of music! Carefully selected sounds for meditation will open your mind – (literally!) as new pathways in your brain are formed. You will experience how music can be profoundly healing. You will also feel how certain sounds such as bells, chimes and singing bowls help restore harmony and balance to your energy.

Details: 5 sessions, each for 1.5 hours: 6.30-8pm

Location: online 

Dates: Next course starting TBC

Investment: $250 per person, payable up front

Enquiry: Interested? Email louise@outlook.com and find out when next course starts