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The Poetic Yoga Experience - Event at Modern Organic
The Poetic Yoga Experience - Event at Modern Organic

The Poetic Yoga Experience - Event at Modern Organic


Join us for a unique event: ‘The Poetic Yoga Experience’

Where: Modern Organic, 310A The Entrance Road, Long Jetty, NSW 2261  

When: Sat June 22nd from 4pm - 6.30pm. 


Louise Walker (yoga/meditation teacher, speaker, coach, healer) and Jaye Do (poet, musician, artist) love to come together to create these unique, moving, inspiring and memorable events. 

"The Poetic Yoga Experience was beautiful heart opening, & inspiring. Louise and Jaye facilitated a safe, caring, accepting place to get in touch with the creativity that's in all of us" Leander Seddon

**** Poetry inspired by Life ****
**** Yoga inspired by Poetry ****
**** Yoga for the Poet in ALL of us ****

Do you love gentle flowing yoga . . . taught from the heart?
Are you moved by softly spoken poetry . . . written from the heart?
Do you enjoy yoga and gentle guided meditation set to beautiful live acoustic music?

'The Poetic Yoga Experience' is a unique event which combines ALL of this . . . gently flowing yoga with the art of spoken poetry, with live acoustic music and guided relaxation meditation. 

"The Poetic Yoga Session brought relaxation, creativity, laughs and a few tears. I walked away feeling free and hopeful about continuing to put pen to paper to express myself"

Kerry Pemberton

Our heart-centred intention in creating this event is to invite more JOY in.
AND to deeply Move you . . .
MOVE you . . .
With the power of our spoken words . . .
With soft acoustic music . . .
With gentle yoga flow . . .
With calming guidance . . .
With nurturing touch . . .
And ultimately, to inspire you to Move YOURSELF as you gently connect in with the Poet, the Artist that lives inside all of us.

"The Poetic Yoga experience was a really unique event that created a lot of inner clarity for me. Louise's presence as a yoga teacher was nourishing, kind, open and reassuring. Jaye's poetry is powerful, raw and very touching. He's such a kind, authentic warm soul created the energy that really allows you to open up for the creativity to flow. Together they created a really special, inviting, supportive and nourishing space for us to flow, create and share deep experiences." Gemma Freeman 

- A warm hello & introductions
- Dropping in Meditation
- Poetic Yoga Flow
- Sinking Deeper guided relaxation
- Creative outpouring
- Sharing and Connecting

- Gentle flow Yoga class
- Mini Massages with aromatherapy oils
- Guided meditation
- Copy of poetry shared at event
- Creative writing workshop 

- Inspiration and tips on allowing poetry to come through you


"For me The Poetic Yoga Experience was an opportunity to mix with like minded people. The event created an initial process of release where gentle movement coupled with meditation ignited the mind and body. This then invoked the opportunity to let creative elements flow with heartfelt feelings being able to be written and shared in a comfortable empathetic way. Thank you for the space, the time, the place, the connection of hearts allowed to be voluntarily expressed." Antony Wood